PRIMALCHIT’s flame retardant is a mixture of non-polymeric organic components, free of pyrophosphates, highly effective and with the highest classification 0 V1 A1 as a long-term retardant by the INIA-CIFOR Forestry Research Center according to UNE 23530:2021 Standards, both in terrestrial and airborne environments, with a high degradability index, which generates the minimum impact on the ecosystem, for its application in the extinction of wildfires.


The long-term flame retardant GLIFOR, constitutes an important innovation in the extinction of the wildfires, either by air and land and with a differentiating element with the current flame retardants on the market. The life cycle analysis of the flame retardant has been developed using a continuous improvement methodology.


The technological success has been to achieve a flame retardant from a combination of natural chemical substances and without the adverse effects of polyphosphates, with short degradation times and maximum efficiency in the dosing of the flame retardant discharges from airplanes and ground fire crews.

Along with the flame retardant activity of the mixture, other criteria that the components of the mixture meet is:

    • minimal negative effects for the vegetation and ecosystems.
    • biodegradability, so that the flame retardant does not persist indefinitely in the environment.
    • Solubility in water and/or short persistence in aqueous medium.